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KRRASS® TOP CUSTOMIZATION; Fully configurable following the customer’s need, and the standard range features models with capacities varying from 30 to 2000 ton, this versatility goes from sizing to optional equipment.


Klaus Machine Tool (KRRASS®) is a high-end sheet metal equipment brand with a long history. Our products and services are spread all over the world, so far we have established branches in China, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine. Since 2013, Klaus Machine Tool has successively established Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Klaus Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in China.

Jiangsu Klaus Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has comprehensive technical and business cooperation with many internationally renowned sheet metal equipment brands (such as Piranha, France, BUK). Klaus Machine Tool follows the technology of the headquarters R&D center and years of production experience, combined with foreign With the advanced concepts and technologies of the cooperative brand, a total investment of 113 million yuan was established in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to establish an intelligent CNC machine tool factory to manufacture high-quality high-end intelligent sheet metal processing equipment.

KRRASS provides you a sheet metal integration solution, specialized in the field of sheet metal machinery manufacturing, consistently providing stable and reliable products as well as considerate services for customers;

With no distractions and keep focus, we strive to improve our products, lead the way of innovation, and create a new situation in the CNC sheet metal machinery industry.

Business Goal:

Professional, Be Consistent

Focus,Keep Improving

To be the leader of NC sheet metal machinery and partner of sheet-metal working!


The company that provides fun and joy


Creating the value of success through customer satisfaction

Core Value

Challenge • Change • Creativity • Content • Credibility

Our mission and our vision

Big dreams become big goals.

That’s why our mission and our vision are the quintessence of what we are, of something unique and unimitable. All of us at KRRASS are devoted to the satisfaction of our customer, and always take our partners’ and our end user’s advice to heart. We have a 27-year experience but the dinamicity of a startup business, because our main goal is to improve performances and exceed expectations.


We exist to make bending and cutting sheet metal a quick, precise and reliable process. We try to make our Clients more productive and competitive.


We want to be regarded as the most authoritative actor in the sheet metal working sector. We aim to become more and more the point of reference on theory and practice of bending and cutting. For this reason, we invest a lot of effort in the development of new technologies and in the creation of innovative products, in line with Industry 4.0 philosophy and practices. We are committed to always be at the state-of-the-art on press brakes and guillotine shears. We keep our word by providing an unmatched assistance and updating service. On the strength of a time-tested business and supported by a skilled, motivated and close-knit team, we enter the global competition with our heads held high. We are looking for new partners and customers, even in far away areas. We wake up every day proud of being Krrass, and we switch off the light at night with the reward of having met the expectations.

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