Bending Follower Supports


We are proud to introduce KRRASS new press brake electric sheet metal followers lifters, completely controlled by the CNC. For these reasons,KRRASS has created new motorised sheet followers to support the sheet during the bend. The dual interpolated axis configuration allows to continuously follow the part during the bend, to reduce the risk of scratches and counterbends and simplify machine operators’ work.

Front Sheet Follower Supports System

The hydraulic press brakes with Sheet supports follower system for bending long and thin sheets,It basically consists of a pair of sheet supports placed on the front of the machine at the height of the bending line (bottom tool). Supports are controlled by the CNC, following and supporting the sheet during the bending process.

Bending Follower Features

A counterbend occurs when we bend a very large, heavy and thin plate. The overhang generates a torque that makes the sheet bend around the die edge under its own weight, as we can see in the drawing. The sheet lifter helps to avoid this type of damage, supporting the plate during the entire bending cycle.


Provide Valuable Practical Assistance

The latest followers for sheet metal bending aim to optimize the performances of our press brakes by reducing the time to set up the press brake and simplifying the work of operators.

These bending aids provide valuable practical assistance (including an automatic height adjustment) for operators especially for heavy or large parts.

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