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Tube Benders Machines

KRRASS Tube benders have been manufactured since 1995 and have been installed and working in a wide variety of sheet metal bending operations for many industries. Years of experience has helped us develop durable, low distortion and precise Tube bending machines.

The ECO series of semi-automatic fixed radius Tube bending machines are very versatile, powerful and easy to program and operate. They are intended for sectors that choose versatility and bending quality in terms of speed and productivity. Sectors such as urban furniture, agriculture, prototyping, chemical industry and ship repair.

The Tube bending machines of the ECO-NC series are easy to operate, robustly constructed and achieve excellent bending results. Entering a new bending program is very intuitive with the help of an industrial touch controller and the accurate and user-friendly  2D software. The NC program precisely controls the bend angle (Y-axis) and rotation (Z-axis). The distance between the bends (X-axis) is configured using easily adjustable and very precise mechanical stops.

KRRASS fully electric EB-RH series bending machines, with rotating heads, contain the most advanced Electric Motion technology on the market with 11 fully electric drive shafts. The bending head moves 360º on a radial axis and on horizontal and vertical axes. This system offers complete freedom of movement and allows the production of very complex parts in an automatic bending cycle. This range of machines is capable of bending pipes and profiles from 6 to 53 mm with even radii up to 1D with minimal marking when equipped with the booster system.

NC Tube Bending Machine VS CNC Tube Bending Machine

CNC Tube Benders

Function features:

1. PLC control, hydraulic drive, all-Chinese touch-screen display with various of prefabricated bending angles, Chinese subtitle display and man-machine dialog operation, you can choose manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic operation mode at will, the movable foot switch have both start and emergency stop function.

2. All hydraulic system, control system, drive system, display system adopt imported parts, high reliability, good precision and efficiency, suitable for batch production, reaching up to international advance level.

3. CNC automatic pipe bending machine, equipped with a full-function device for bending three-dimensional pipe fitting, after inputting program the whole bending process can be finished automatically, which is ideal equipment in pipe processing industry with easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency and high safety factor.

NC Tube Benders

Function features:

1. NC pipe bending machine adopts boom lifting clamp structure
2. Hydraulic bending mode
3. Hydraulic guide side pushing mechanism
4. Hydraulic system is equipped with water cooling device, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature
5. Pipe bending direction is clockwise from top view

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