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Vertical V Groover Machine VS Horizontal V Groover Machine

KRRASS V Grooving Machine have been manufactured since 1995 and have been installed and working in a wide variety of sheet metal cutting operations for many industries. Years of experience has helped us develop durable, low distortion and precise Groover machines.

The V Grooving Machine is used to open the slot on the metal, and then bend it to reduce the bending circle. The Horizontal V Grooving Machine is for the plate without moving the head, and the vertical V Grooving Machine is for the transport of the plate, and the cutter head moves in a straight line.

RAS SERVO Horizontal V Grooving Machine

High technology standards, design and user-friendly interface provides perfection with high standard safety, efficient solutions that strengthen your skills and add value to your company. We have reduced the cutting angle to achieve straight precision and minimum twist tolerance.

HRK SERVO Vertical V Grooving Machine

KRRASS Vertical V Grooving Machine products provide a reliable, effective and economical solution. Knowledge, ability and experience has been the basis for the development of our mechanical and electronic drive components. Product performance and quality is never compromised while manufacturing HRK Series.

Vertical V Grooving Machine VS Horizontal V Grooving Machine

According to the designer’s point of view, the CNC sheet metal V-groove planer is designed in two mainstream forms: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal planer originated from South Korea. As an imported equipment, it is sought after by many people. After using it, I feel many disadvantages. It comes from the wrong design concept of the equipment, which is attributed to the following aspects:

1. Accuracy advantage: The depth of the planing groove is directly related to the effect of the corner. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R is obviously different. When the vertical planer is working, the planer to the table is fixed to run in a straight line, and the distance accuracy from the tool tip to the table is controlled within the range of 0.02mm. When the horizontal planer is working, the knife faces a platform with a width of 1.5 meters and a length of more than 4 meters. It is difficult to control the accuracy within the range of 0.1mm.

2. Loss of electrical energy: when the vertical planer is planing, the tool rest part does the round-trip movement, and its weight is about 60kg. When the horizontal planer is planing, the gantry and the tool rest part do the round-trip together. Movement, its weight is about 1000kg, and its energy loss is more than 10 times that of the vertical planer, so the vertical planer is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly device.

3. Advantages in the processing range: the vertical planer has more than a dozen independent pressure plates and more than a dozen independent clamps to automatically clamp the plate material, no matter the size of the plate, it can be processed horizontally and vertically, and the small workpiece is 80* 80mm. The horizontal planer is only for planing for large sheets. After the longitudinal planing is passed, the sheet material is deformed and cannot be clamped horizontally, resulting in the horizontal not being able to plan the groove.

4. Advantages of processing technology: the working table of the vertical planer is made of the overall heat treatment of the die steel and then finely ground by the grinder Jiangsu thin plate slotting machine, and the surface fineness reaches the mirror effect. The work surface of the horizontal planer is welded by ordinary iron plates. The hardness of the stainless steel plate is higher than that of it. The planed wire and the damaged blade make the surface pitted. This is why the processed product is speckled.

5. Installation advantages: The vertical planer is welded by steel plates, with high strength and stable and quiet operation. It only needs to be leveled and installed on a flat and solid cement floor to be able to work stably, and it is very convenient to relocate and hoist. Due to the high-speed operation of the gantry, the horizontal planer has a large impact force, and the platform needs to be adjusted.

6. Safety advantage: The vertical planer automatically clamps the workpiece by hydraulic pressure, automatically locates and works automatically, and the operator is far away from the moving parts of the machine tool. The horizontal planer clamps the workpiece within the range of motion of the machine tool, the gantry moves at a high speed, and the control part runs together with the gantry, which is easy to cause personal injury to the operator, and there is a great potential safety hazard.

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