Discover how KRRASS’s Bending technology can help you optimize your production

More productive sheet metal machines, new customized solutions, and easy-to-use option suites are designed to meet the customer’s real needs.

Industry 4.0 enters the world of sheet metal bending

KRRASS press brakes have been certified from the Pordenone Technology Hub, because they are in compliance with Industry 4.0 recommendations. The road to the Digital Factory is complicated, especially in the sheet metal field. But what makes our machines compliant to the Smart Factory guidelines?

Additional Control Panel (ACP)(1)


Open and robust communication standards allow KRRASS press brakes and guillotine shears to connect to other machines and information systems.

Remote control

CNCs can be interfaced with ERPs and databases, as well as to carry out advanced functions through a simple and intuitive user interface. TeleLink allows to remotely control the press brake operations and perform remote maintenance interventions.

Everything under the radar

A series of sensors allows to measure material characteristics and working parameters, that will be made available to data collection and reporting tools.

Information and data

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