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Hydraulic Universal Ironworkers manufacturer specialist in Punching and Shearing of Profiles, Angles, Bars and Plates.


KRRASS Iron worker

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KRRASS Economic Hydraulic Ironworker

Simple Hydraulic Ironworker

Hydracrop Series Ironworkers allows two operators to use these ironworkers simultaneously in 5 workstations: Punching, Notching, Shearing Flat Bars, Angle Cutting and Shearing Round and Square Bars.

What is a Iron worker Machine?

Ironworker Machine is a kind of machine tool equipment that integrates metal cutting, punching, plate shearing, bending and other functions. It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, and low maintenance cost. It is a modern manufacturing industry (such as: metallurgy, metallurgy, Bridge, telecommunications, electric power, military and other industries) metal processing equipment of choice. Ironworker Machine is divided into Hydraulic Ironworker Machine and Mechanical Ironworker Machine.

Ironworker Machine has five stations:

Ironworker Machine is widely used in:

  1. Steel structure processing
  2. Elevator car and parts processing
  3. Trailer—spare tires, trailer hinges, plate hooks, inserts, and wall plates
  4. Construction machinery industry—processing on belt conveyors and mixing stations
  5. Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry-processing of threshing frame body and trailer body parts
  6. Food industry machinery-slaughter equipment frame and parts processing
  7. High and low voltage tower parts processing
  8. Wind power equipment—processing of parts on the stairs and pedals on the wind power tower
  9. Machining-processing of building embedded parts/conveyor brackets and other parts that play a role in connection
  10. Grain machinery-grain and oil equipment, starch equipment support, shell, small parts processing
  11. Railway wagon/car, crane parts processing
  12. Channel steel, square steel, round steel, H steel, I-beam and other steel cutting, punching, bending

Technical regulations

  1. Before driving, check whether the transmission parts of the punching and shearing machine and the connecting screws and pins of each part are loose. Whether the electrical grounding is intact.
  2. Lubricate all parts before work, and start the trial run for two to three minutes, and then put into work without any problems.
  3. Overload is not allowed, and punching and shearing of quenched steel is strictly prohibited.
  4. Wear gloves and labor protection equipment when working. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.
  5. When punching and cutting, always add oil to the punches to prevent the upper and lower punches from skewing.
  6. Pay attention to the safety of your fingers when feeding the material, especially when the sheet material is not pressed by the presser foot at the end, punching and shearing are prohibited.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and proofread the cutting edge and punching die when driving. Don’t hit punches, shears and other parts with force.
  8. Strictly control the specification range of the sheet material, and it is strictly forbidden to punch and cut when it exceeds it.
  9. The workplace shall not accumulate other objects and a large amount of flushing materials, and must stop during adjustment and cleaning.
  10. After the work is completed, shut down and cut off the power in time to clean up the site.


1 Check the power supply, the voltage is stable, there is no lack of phase, and the leakage protector and air switch are intact.

2 Wiring, open the wiring cabinet of the combined punching and shearing machine, connect the wires, and close the cabinet door.

3 Step on the foot switch after powering on, and the machine has no action. Replace the power cords and check whether the emergency stop switch is turned on at the same time.

4 Connect the foot pedal switch.

5 When working, pay attention to turn off the power every time the mold is changed at work

6 Turn off the switch after finishing the work, turn off the main power switch, skim off the power cord, and clean up debris.


1 Operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.

2 Add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the lubrication chart every time before starting the machine. The oil should be clean and free of precipitation.

3 The shearing machine must be kept clean at all times, and the unpainted parts must be rust-proof grease.

4 The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly, and the electrical part should be regularly checked for normal, safe and reliable operation.

5 Frequently check whether the V-belt, handle, knob, and buttons of the shears are damaged. If they are severely worn, they should be replaced in time, and the spare parts should be reported for replenishment.

6 Check and repair switches, insurances, and handles regularly to ensure reliable operation.

7 10 minutes before the end of get off work every day, lubricate and scrub the machine tool to clean it.

Round, square, rectangular, oval punches and diesfor KRRASS Iron woker

In KRRASS we have a wide of punches and dies of all Ironworker. If the size the customer needs is not on this list, we make it.

Folding tooling

Tooling to fold metal sheet and flat bar up to 170mm. Punch  88º. Die with 56mm and  26mm “v”‘s.

REF: 140-02-02-00034
WEIGHT: 13 Kg.

Ventilation grill tooling

Tooling to make the ventilation grill in metal sheet. The amount of punching operations is adjustable. They’re made one by one.

REF: 140-02-02-00031
PUNCH SIZE: 100X20mm.

Pipe notching tooling

Tooling to notch pipes from Ø16 to Ø60mm. It means to cut off the end of a pipe so it can be perpendicularly joined to another pipe .

Tooling for punching angle and U profile

Tooling to punch angles. Exchangeable punches and dies of different sizes.

REF: 140-02-01-00031

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