Affordable 20-ton Press Brakes for Sale in 2023

The bending machine is an important equipment for bending and forming workpieces in the sheet metal industry. Its function is to press the steel plate into parts of various shapes according to the process requirements. The left and right columns, worktable and slider are the key parts of the bending machine. The sum of the weight of the three major parts accounts for 70%~80% of the total weight of a bending machine. Its strength and rigidity directly determine the running accuracy and service life of the machine tool, as well as the precision of the workpiece. The 20-ton CNC bending machine of CLAAS Group can perfectly carry out this work. This article lists the CNC press brakes that meet your needs. Read on to learn more about them

20 Ton Press Brakes Machine Product Description

Standard Equipment

  • DELEM DA53T Controller
  • Electrics: Germany Schneider Electric
  • Main Motor: Siemens Motor-Germany
  • Servo motor: ESTUN
  • Foot Switch: KACON-South Korea
  • Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth-Germany
  • Oil Pump: Sunny-USA
  • Sealing Ring: PARKER-America
  • High efficiency motor – class IE3
  • Tube Connector: EMB-Germany
  • Backgauge: Hiwin-Taiwan
  • Grating ruler: Fagor


  • High dynamic for higher productivity of the machine.
  • Compliance with EU Directives.
  • Lower energy for a green Machine.
  • Lowered sound pressure level to 50 dB.
  • The servo-motor, with closed loop speed control.
  • Energy efficiency of up to 35 % compared to conventional systems.
  • Operating cost is min due to low energy consumption. Thus, it gives advantages to the user with high efficiency & low operation cost.

How Much Does a 20 Ton Press Brake Machine Cost

The exact price of the press brake depends on your detailed configuration parameters and functions. Here is a price list of 20-ton press brakes in 2023 for your reference.

20 Ton CNC Small Sheet Press Brake Machine $3,500.00-$9,700.00
20 Ton Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake $2,889.00-$2,976.00
20 Ton Mini Electric press brake $13,100.00-$17,100.00


Your Trusted 20 Ton Press Brake Manufacturer​

Klass Group is a high-tech and environmentally friendly enterprise that produces sheet metal CNC bending machines. Strong technical strength, innovative equipment development concept, professional development team, independent core technology, and a number of new technology innovation patents. The market is all over the world.

FAQ about Buying a 20 Ton Press Brake​

1: How to install and run the machine?
A: Our technician have installed the machine before shipping.
For some small parts installation, we will send detail training video, user’s manual along with the machine. 95% customers can learn by themselves.
2:How do I operate this machine?Is training necessary?
A:The machine is mainly controlled by software.Simple, not complicated.Generally speaking, an operator who is not familiar with the press brake can still operate it well.According to customer requirements, we can send technicians to the customer’s factory for machine training, or when the customer needs to come to our factory for machine training.
3: Will the package damaged during transportation?
A: Our package is considerate all the damage factors and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full experienced in safe transportation. We have exported to 80 countries worldwide. So please don’t worry, you will receive the parcel in good condition.
4:How about your machine quality?
A:We have approved the ISO9001:2008 Quality management system and Europe and American safety standard,including CE,GS,EMS and UL .Zhongrui is a mature brand in China, through our 13 years research in technology,our design
including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.

Cost-effectiveness of 20 Ton Press Break

The cost-effectiveness of bending machine mainly includes two aspects, namely cost and benefit. Costs include purchase costs, maintenance costs, and personnel training costs. In terms of benefits, it includes production efficiency, production quality and saving labor costs.

In terms of cost, the purchase cost of the bending machine is relatively high, but due to its high-precision and high-efficiency processing capabilities, it can improve production efficiency and production quality, and reduce labor costs. In addition, the bending machine has the advantages of long life and easy maintenance, which can reduce maintenance costs.

In terms of income, the high efficiency and high precision of the bending machine can improve production efficiency and product quality, thereby improving market competitiveness and increasing sales revenue. At the same time, due to its ability to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, bending machines can achieve cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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