Affordable 200-ton Press Brakes for Sale in 2023

Bending machine is a common mechanical equipment, which is mainly used to bend materials such as sheet metal into parts of different shapes. It can realize high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality bending processing, and is widely used in various manufacturing fields, such as metal products, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace and other industries. Different types of bending machines have different structures and characteristics, and each type of bending machine has its unique application occasions and processing capabilities, which can be selected according to specific needs. Next, the author will introduce the price, performance and other parameters of the 200-ton bending machine. If you need to buy a bending machine, please click on the catalog of Krrass Group to view

200 Ton Press Brakes Machine Product Description

Standard Equipment

  • DELEM DA53T Controller
  • Electrics: Germany Schneider Electric
  • Main Motor: Siemens Motor-Germany
  • Servo motor: ESTUN
  • Foot Switch: KACON-South Korea
  • Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth-Germany
  • Oil Pump: Sunny-USA
  • Sealing Ring: PARKER-America
  • High efficiency motor – class IE3
  • Tube Connector: EMB-Germany
  • Backgauge: Hiwin-Taiwan
  • Grating ruler: Fagor


  • High dynamic for higher productivity of the machine.
  • Compliance with EU Directives.
  • Lower energy for a green Machine.
  • Lowered sound pressure level to 50 dB.
  • The servo-motor, with closed loop speed control.
  • Energy efficiency of up to 35 % compared to conventional systems.
  • Operating cost is min due to low energy consumption. Thus, it gives advantages to the user with high efficiency & low operation cost.

How Much Does a 200 Ton Press Brake Machine Cost

The exact price of the press brake depends on your detailed configuration parameters and functions. Here is a price list of 200-ton press brakes in 2023 for your reference.

200 Ton CNC Small Sheet Press Brake Machine $5,280.00-$11,580.00
200 Ton Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake $5,899.00-$6,208.00
200 Ton Mini Electric press brake $20,880.00-$21,580.00


Your Trusted 200 Ton Press Brake Manufacturer​

Klass Group is a high-tech and environmentally friendly enterprise that produces sheet metal CNC bending machines. Strong technical strength, innovative equipment development concept, professional development team, independent core technology, and a number of new technology innovation patents. The market is all over the world.

FAQ about Buying a 200 Ton Press Brake​

Q1: How is the warranty?
A1: Warranty time is 13 months after BL date.

Q2:Can we visit your factory before order?
A2:Sure.All new and old friends are welcomed to visit us at our factory. Besides,we can pick up you at the station or airport if needed. We will be very honored to help with tickets and accommodation booking.

Q3:Do you have a stock?
A3:Sorry, most of our machines don’t have stock, we always produce according to order. However, if during fairs months, maybe have few samples back from fairs.

Q4:What’s the MOQ?
A4:One set only.

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