KRRASS Advanced NC Tube Bending Machine

The bending machines of the ECO-NC series are easy to operate, robustly constructed and achieve excellent bending results. Entering a new bending program is very intuitive with the help of an industrial touch controller and the accurate and user-friendly VLB 2D software. The NC program precisely controls the bend angle (Y-axis) and rotation (Z-axis). The distance between the bends (X-axis) is configured using easily adjustable and very precise mechanical stops.

CNC Control System

Simple, durable and with excellent bending results.

Work area can be customized and all types of tool clamping can be installed.

Supporting hydraulic drive.


The essential movements – bending angle and rotation of the pipe – are fully electric to ensure exact repeatability. The supporting bending movements are driven by a powerful hydraulic group. All movements are electronically controlled. These properties make these machines very versatile and suitable for high-quality bending work, in small and medium size series.


Our bending machines are the result of decades of experience in the world of bending. The user experience of thousands of customers worldwide have resulted in unique application-oriented solutions for these machines. We facilitate human-machine “communication”, using visual status indicators and warning messages.


The ECO series of semi-automatic fixed radius bending machines are very versatile, powerful and easy to program and operate. They are intended for sectors that choose versatility and bending quality in terms of speed and productivity. Sectors such as urban furniture, agriculture, prototyping, chemical industry and ship repair.

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