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Advanced CNC Press Brake 3-4Axis

KRRASS Advanced CNC Press Brake 3-4Axis

KRRASS Advanced Series press brake, it’s an affordable CNC bending machine, an impressive number of features and options. Competitive pricing with advanced DELEM DA53T or DA58T 2D capable graphical controls. Advanced Series is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.

CNC Control System

Simple and solid press brake.

Work area can be customized and all types of tool clamping can be installed.


Standard Equipment

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames. So for complicated structures, highly complex loading’s, transient modelling and combination of the above, FEA makes sense.
press brake

DELEM CNC Control System

DELEM DA53T Control

DELEM DA53T Touch Color CNC System

DELEM CNC Control System

DELEM DA58T Control

Manual Upper Tool Clamping:

KRRASS CNC press brake use all Raw material is provided by qualified suppliers and chemical composition corresponds to international standards. Therefore, raw material yield and tensile strength are guaranteed, are standardized with a 8.4 x 3.5 mm safety groove, which keeps the tool from falling out.


KRRASS BGA-2 BackGauge

Press Brake 2-Axis CNC BackGauge with X, R-Axis

Proportional valve

The German Rexroth fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo high-frequency synchronous control system is adopted to ensure that the machine tool has high stability and high precision in the process of high-speed operation.

Rexroth Hydraulic system

KRRASS ® family Electric Crowning:

Italy DSP Laser Protection

DSP® laser protection will be necessary if you have a high requirement for the safety.

Hybrid Servo ECO Function

KRRASS New Hybrid Servo ECO Function.

KRRASS® promotes a friendly environmental policy, and as such all our equipment features the Hybrid ECO Function. Our hybrid servo-drive positioning system provides accuracy at any position.



Press brake punches and dies will be one of the most important topics we discuss before you place the order. Any bending shape will be completed by a suitable set of punch and die. We can provide appropriate toolings according to different bending requirements of customers.


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