Press Brake uses Mechanical Crowning for higher bending accuracy

Hydraulic Press Brake adopts Mechanical Crowning to obtain higher bending accuracy. The main components of Hydraulic Press Brake include brackets, workbenches, clamping plates, etc. The workbench is placed on the brackets, and the workbench The base is connected with the clamping plate by hinges.

Hydraulic Press Brake, its main performance characteristics, which are mainly:

(1) The machine adopts an all-steel welded structure in order to have sufficient rigidity and strength.

(2) It is hydraulically driven, and the oil cylinder can directly drive the sliding work.

(3) The mechanical stop structure is adopted to make it stable and reliable.

(4) It adopts a deflection compensation mechanism to obtain higher bending accuracy.

Bending accuracy is an important performance indicator of CNC Press Brake. In bending, the factors that affect the bending accuracy are sheet metal, mold, machinery, people, etc. “Survive by quality, create benefits by management” is our business policy, with scientific management, high quality and reasonable price. , Perfect service based on the market. Integrity to serve you!