Understanding the Versatile Features of Ironworker Machines

Metalworking and manufacturing involve the use of a wide variety of machinery. With so many different machines with so many different and specialized functions, it is sometimes difficult to keep it all straight. So what is an ironworker machine anyway? Once you have answered the question, what is an ironworker machine, you’ll need to know whether you need one or not. If you decide that you need one, what are the best ironworker machines to buy? Here’s some info to provide clarity on the versatility and many features of these remarkable machines.  

What is an Ironworker Machine?

A hydraulic ironworker machine is designed to perform a variety of tasks that are commonly done by fabricators and manufacturers. Although these machines are designed to be operated manually for the most part, single or dual operator ironworker machines can be fitted with alternative controllers to make some measure of automation possible. Ironworker machinery can punch, shear, notch and bend everything from flat plate to angles and tubing. 

Ironworker machines are essential to have in any manufacturing shop including vocational schools, fabrication shops, and even commercial maintenance departments. High-quality ironworkers are considered to be a smart investment by many businesses as they can perform a variety of tasks very quickly and cheaply.

What Can Ironworker Machines do?

One of the benefits of having a hydraulic ironworker machine is that it speeds up workflow. Speeding up workflow is especially important for businesses in the manufacturing industry where the speed of production is paramount. Ironworker machines speed up workflow by saving time with a variety of functions available all ready to use. The beauty of the ironworker is that it is essentially a three-in-one machine that has a notcher, punch, and a shear. This means that less time will be spent on arduous tasks like setup or retooling.  

Fabricators and manufacturers who own an ironworker machine can use the notcher, punch, and shear to create precise, error-free holes and cuts in the sheet metal, plate, angles or tubing  they work with. Ironworkers are known for cutting smooth cuts and holes in steel plates and other materials. This will give your short production or ‘one off’ work the mark of expert craftsmanship. 

3 Features of Ironworker Machines You May Not Know About

  1. The shearing station on an ironworker machine makes it possible to cut pieces of sheet metal down to size for processing. Any work involving a bar, rod, flat bar, or angle shearing is made much easier with the use of an ironworker machine. The process will also be much faster than sawing these pieces
  2. Ironworker machines are also incredibly precise which means that you will produce a fraction of the waste that would otherwise be generated by human error. Once properly set, an ironworker machine can punch, shear notch or cope with fewer errors. This won’t just help keep waste down to a minimum, it will also save your company quite a bit of money in the long run especially since less tooling is needed!  
  3. You might be surprised to know that not all ironworker machines use the same type of shears. Some ironworker machines are equipped with scissor-shaped shears and others come with fixed-rake-angle-shears. The lower the rake angle the better the sheared part. 

One thing that you should keep in mind when shopping for ironworker machines is that you should only buy ironworkers that meet the safety standards of ANSI B11-5. By selecting an ironworker that meets these standards you’ll have a valuable machine that is both safe and highly productive.Although there are many machines on the market only a few meet these stringent standards.

While the benefits of having an ironworker machine are vast, the place that you source the machine can make all of the difference in the world. KRRASS CHINA Factory is the premier destination for high-quality ironworker machines at a brilliantly competitive price.