Vertical V Grooving Machine

KRRASS Sheet Metal V Groover

Vertical V-Grooving Machine is good at metal sheet accurate grooving,which is good for controling the radius of the bending angle in the subsequent bending process.

CNC Control System

Top performances allow to accurately and cost-efficiently V Groover pieces in high volumes.

Proportional oil hydraulic circuit has been completely designed by KRRASS. It is optimized for every V Grooving Machine size, with high-quality and reliable parts.

Vertical V Groover is available in a wide range of models and powers. Length and shearing thickness can be customized to the highest levels in the category.

Standard Equipment

Stable Accurate Quiet

The frame steel plate is processed by a large gantry center with hight precision.The frame is processed by automactic welding equipment,and the welding seam is uniform.This ensures the high rigidity of the entire frame.

HUST CNC Control System

HUST CNC A60C Control

Accurate Back Support Device

The Plate is fed into machine by back clamp on back support device,And the feeding tolerance is ≤±0.03mm.The Plane of the pallet is strengthened to make it more wear-resistant.
v grooving machine backgae

Mitsubishi PLC From Japan

Hiwin Balll Screw$Linear Guide from Taiwan 

Servo Motor

Zhuolan Planetary Reducer

Self-developed hydraulic control system

Schneider Low Voltage Electric Parts

Slotting case

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