What Are the Types of Press Brake? How to Choose?

Press Brake

Press brake is divided into manual press brake, hydraulic press brake and CNC press brake. Manual press brake includes manual press brake and electric-manual press brake. Hydraulic press brake can be divided into NC press brake and CNC press brake. Here are the functions, advantages and disadvantages of each types of press brake.

1. Manual Press Brake

Manual press brake

Manual press brake is also called an edge folding machine. Manual press brake is fixed by the lower knife, pressed by the upper knife, and then folded by the principal.

In the whole process, the knife and workpiece do not make a relative motion and punch so that the surface of the workpiece is kept smooth and clean, and it is better for workpieces with higher surface requirements.


Low cost of purchase, low energy consumption, small volume, can be bent on site according to the engineering quantity.


Only for thin plates, high labor intensity and low work efficiency.

2. Electric Press Brake

The pure electric press brake achieves bending by leading the upper table of the screw rod to move down by the servo motor. It also belongs to the upper transmission press brake, which is suitable for small parts processing, high speed and low energy consumption. It is suitable for processing thin plates. The current models on the market include PPE-50T1600 and PPE-110T3200. There are two pressure models. Due to the torque of the servo motor and the load of the screw drive, it is currently only suitable for the production of pure electric bending machines with 50T and 110T pressure.


Low noise, no need of hydraulic oil, high speed.


High purchase cost and maintenance cost, suitable for processing thin plates, limited pressure.

3. NC Press Brake

NC press brake consists of left and right columns as frame, left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the columns, the slider is connected with the piston of oil cylinder and move up and down by the fixed column. The lower die is fixed on worktable, the upper die is installed under the slider.

The hydraulic pressure system provides power, the electric system sets instruction, under the action of oil cylinder, the slider drives the upper die downward and the lower die to close to realize the bending of the sheet metal.

The torsion shaft is used to connect the left and right swing rods, etc., to form a torsion shaft forced synchronization mechanism to keep the up and down movement of the two sides of the oil cylinders synchronized.


 Lower purchase cost than buyers, lower processing requirements for manufacturers.


NC press brake sets the pressure and the bending force that exceeds the actual work is offset by the mechanical stopper, so that the screw of the mechanical stopper is elongated, and the bending angle is inaccurate.

Common NC press brake system: E21,E300P,DA41T,Cybtouch 8ps.

4. CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake

CNC press brake consists of left and right columns, worktable and beam as frame, left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the columns, the slider is connected with the piston of oil cylinder and move up and down by the fixed column. The lower die is fixed on worktable, the upper die is installed under the slider. The main oil cylinders on both sides synchronously adopt Germany electro-hydraulic servo valve and HEIDENHAIN grating ruler for closed-loop control, with accurate feedback and accurate operation of the slider, so that the bending accuracy and the repeated positioning accuracy of the slider are high.


CNC press brake observes the displacement of two cylinders by grating ruler and to control the opening of servo valve in order to achieve synchronization. In this way, mechanical manufacture is simple and there is no mechanical deformation.


Disadvantages: Higher purchase cost than buyers, higher processing requirements for manufacturers.

Common CNC press brake system: DELEM DA53T,DA58T,DA66T,DA69T,Cybelec Cybtouch 12ps,Cybtouch 15ps,Cybtouch 19ps.

How to Choose Press Brake?

1. Choose according to the products:

Purchase a machine with the shortest worktable and the smallest tonnage for processing tasks, so that you can not only reduce the purchase cost, but also get the machine you satisfied with.

2. Bending accuracy of press brake:

The bending accuracy requirement of press brake is a factor that needs to be carefully considered, because it is this factor that determines whether you need to consider a CNC press brake or NC press brake.

3. Deflection compensation of the worktable of press brake:

In the bending process of the CNC press brake, especially when bending long-sized workpieces, deflection will occur. The longer the workpiece, the greater the degree of deflection.

4. The bending radius of the press brake:

In the product bending process, the bending angle radius of the workpiece is also a factor to be considered. However, when purchasing a press brake as a user or manufacturer of the equipment, the most important thing is to purchase an economical and practical press brake.

In addition to considering many factors, but also according to their actual situation.

Tips for Purchasing

In summary, according to the experience, if economic strength allows, it is recommended to buy a CNC press brake. CNC press brake has a high value retention rate, fast bending efficiency and high precision in the market. It also brings processing strength to the factory and also has some help in the order. If you need to know more about press brakes, please follow us.

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