Why An Ironworker Should Be Your First Fabricating Machine

Thinking of starting a Fabrication Shop of your own? Perhaps you have been a mobile welder or are currently working in a fab shop and know you can do it better. Where do you start? What equipment do you really need, especially when you’re on a “start-up” budget. Do you need a press Brake? Shear? Saw? What should you buy to be equipped right out of the gate?

At KRRASS China Company, Inc. we have helped dozens of shops start from the ground up and the number 1 machine that can spell success is an Ironworker. An Ironworker provides multiple functions required in today’s fab shop and can be so versatile that doing without one can be a huge mistake. All the capabilities you need to cut angles, bar, flats, rod, etc, etc can be done quickly and efficiently on an Ironworker.   Punching holes and coping angles are also another great capabilities of Ironworker. There is no better description than a demonstration of the capabilities of a great Ironworker like the Piranha machines we proudly represent. Check out our partner Tim Krase of krrass in the video below as he walks you through the features and benefits of a KRRASS Ironworker. We think you’ll agree it’s the first fabricating machine every shop should have.