Manual vs Automatic

What is a Manual Press Brake Machine

The worker picks up a sheet of metal, guides it, and slides it between the upper and lower knives until it meets the backstop. Finally, lower the upper die mechanism to the bending workpiece. The sheet metal is thereby formed to a specified degree.

This is hard work, especially with large, heavy sheet metal, and requires several people to work together. And, it’s easy to make mistakes under high-intensity manual labor. Careless manual handling can misplace elbows or make the wrong angle, or even completely forget that the machine is working.

Features of Manual Press Brake Machine:

  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Simple operation, can be used without strict training
  • Suitable for light panels

What is CNC Press Brake Machine

CNC press brakes or CNC Metal benders are essentially machines designed to bend sheet metal and sheet metal components to various profiles and designs.

With the help of the CNC system, the machine is able to efficiently bend and manipulate metal sheets, be it over a few millimeters or a few meters long.

Features of CNC Press Brake Machine

  • Can effectively reduce material waste
  • Increase productivity
  • Work can be automated
  • Can bend complex shapes

Manual Press Brake VS CNC Press Brake


Manual: The accuracy of Manual Press Brake Machines is mainly based on the skill level of the operator. If the operator’s technical skills are not up to the mark, any mistake could throw the board in the trash.

CNC: The accuracy of a CNC press brake is set according to a computer program, as long as your operator enters the correct specifications. You can use CNC for higher accuracy.


Work efficiency

Manual: Since the work efficiency of the laborers is fixed, the efficiency of the workers will decrease with the passage of time.

CNC: The CNC press brake machines can provide the same efficiency and speed as flying. This speed can be maintained as long as the power remains on.



Manual: Manual Press Brake Machines are very cheap due to their simple structure.

CNC: The price of CNC press brake machines is generally more expensive, but the operating cost can be reduced through later work efficiency.



Manual: Manual Press Brake Machines are only suitable for some light metal sheets. It has a limited range of capabilities.

CNC: CNC press brake machines allow for more complex part forming and more versatility, with wider applicability.


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